Become a FAN of the Branch

F.A.N.S. Friends of Animal in Need Scheme

You can become a FAN of our Branch from as little as £3 a month. Becoming a member of the FAN Scheme is the simplest way for you to donate to our Animal centre, as once it’s set up, we do the rest!

£3 a month may not seem like much, but these ongoing donations are vital to keep our Animal Centre running.

The FAN Scheme helps provide medical treatment, equipment, food and other items that the animals need whilst in our care. We want the animals to be as comfortable as possible while we find them a permanent home and becoming a ‘FAN’ of our Branch will help us achieve this.

£3 a month will pay for flea treatments for a cat,

£5 a month can help us microchip a dog or cat

£10 a month will provide activity toys and kennel enrichment for the dogs each month

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