The Scratching Post Challenge 2024

Can you handle the Scratching Post Challenge!


During recent annual safety testing of the ROKTFACE routes, it was discovered that there are peregrine falcons nesting at the top of the 36m route!

Engineers identified minor remedial works are needed to the 36 metre routes, and to do this would cause noise and disruption to the nesting birds, a protected species in the UK.

Keen not to disturb the nest (also protected under UK law), the ROKT team will keep the 36m lines closed for the time being and instead use the several 28m routes which are a safe distance away from these winged wonders. (check out the image captured by the engineers to the right!)

Not only is ROKTFACE the UK’s highest outdoor man-made climbing wall, it could well be the only wall where you get to share air space with the world’s fastest flying species of bird! Of all the unique obstacles to come in our path, we felt that nesting Perefrine Falcons was a very fitting one for a local RSPCA event, right?! Maybe they knew we were coming!

We hope our climbers will understand that protecting these incredible birds is the priority for us and ROKT, and we feel that a 28m outdoor climbing wall still presents quite the knee-trembling challenge… with a special twist of sharing the wall with an endangered species!

However, if climbing the 36m route is an important part of your fundraising target, the ROKT team will be happy to lower you 8 metres after you have summitted, allowing you to climb again and reach that 36m target!


The Scratching Post Challenge is back this year –  but we’re going even bigger with their whopping great 28 metre outdoor wall! This challenge is definitely not for the faint hearted!

On Saturday 1st June (from 11am) we will be looking for those thrill seekers who are ready to take on the biggest outdoor climbing wall!

Feline fancy dress is encouraged and climbers of all capabilities are suitable as the friendly Rokt team will be there to make sure your climb is comfortable, safe and guided all the way!

It’s just a £15 registration fee to take part and we would LOVE for you raise some sponsorship, after all – you’re taking on one seriously impressive challenge and every penny raised will directly support the animals in our care, so get your friends, family, colleagues, social media mates (and strangers, why not!) – to show their support!

Think you can do it?! Sign up today using the form below or for more information email:

We have limited spaces available, so please get in touch asap to avoid disappointment!

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