RSPCA Animal Policy

Objectives of the RSPCA

The charitable objectives of the RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford & District Branch are to promote kindness and to prevent or suppress cruelty to animals and to do all such lawful acts as the RSPCA may consider to be conductive or incidental to the attainment of those objectives (as written in the RSPCA Act 1932). As a local and self-funded RSPCA rehoming centre our personal branch objectives are: 


  • To continue to rehabilitate and rehome as many local animals in need as we can (in the region of 500-600 per year). We’re proud to be one of the only local RSPCA centre’s with a highly qualified dog trainer and behaviourist on site, working with our canine residents.
  • Continue to raise our own funds within our local area to maintain our Animal Welfare work and support the running costs of our Charity & Animal Centre.
  • To continue our welfare assistance and education work within our district area.
  •  To never put a healthy animal to sleep and provide the necessary health care and attention for every animal that arrives through our doors.
  • To maintain and hopefully expand our work for animals in our care and animals in need within Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford & our surrounding district areas.

The RSPCA Vision

To work for a world in which all humans respect and live in harmony with all other members of the animal kingdom.

Local RSPCA Vs. National RSPCA

Did you know that we are a separately registered charity to the national RSPCA? As a local and self-funded RSPCA centre based in Halifax and covering Huddersfield & Bradford. Our main jobs are; to raise our own funds in our local area, accept animals given to us from the national RSPCA and successfully provide their veterinary care, a safe kennel/cattery/shelter apartment, daily training and staff care and eventually find them suitable and loving new forever homes. Our branch currently has 10 charity shops within Halifax, Huddersfield & Bradford which run to support our centre and it’s running costs and we host annual fundraising events to support our work too. We do not receive government/lottery funding – and our annual Animal Centre running costs amount to over 3/4 of a million pounds. 

The National RSPCA are responsible for operating the cruelty hotline (0300 1234 999), logging potential cases of animal cruelty and dispatching their RSPCA officers to attend these reports. They are also responsible for organising legal proceedings against Animal Abusers and trying to ensure that abusers are indeed prosecuted. 

As you can see, both your local RSPCA rehoming centre and the National RSPCA work alongside one another and are equally as important in terms of rescuing an animal from dangers, caring for them, finding them loving new homes and trying to ensure that no harm will come to an animal again at the hands of an abuser.

Myth Busting....

You put healthy animals to sleep…

Here at the RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield & Bradford Branch we never put a healthy animal to sleep.

 We work tirelessly to ensure that every single animal who arrives in our care, receives all of the veterinary treatment, care and attention they require, no matter what.

Our branch prides itself in that we will never put a healthy animal to sleep and will go above and beyond to help any animal in our care. 

You don’t help animals in need – or respond to cases of cruelty… 

As a local RSPCA centre, we do not deal with cases of cruelty and do not have RSPCA national inspectors on our site. We operate only in the rehabilitation and rehoming of the animals in our care and on our site. Therefore, any reports of cruelty need to be reported to the national RSPCA hotline only (0300 1234 999) and not to us. We do not have access to National RSPCA call logs and are therefore unable to provide updates about any reports made.

We understand that we will of course be contacted about potential cases of cruelty and we will always be at hand to offer immediate advice from our friendly and highly trained team and to and to provide the public with details of how to report cruelty and what to do in an emergency situation – but you will always need to contact the cruelty hotline as your first point of call. 

You are Government/Council funded and don’t need donations… 

 We are actually a self-funded branch of the RSPCA meaning we have to raise all of our own funds within our local area.

We do not receive any government/council or lottery funding and rely solely on the generosity of our community in order to keep the doors of our centre open.

Meaning public donations are crucial to us and to the many local animals in need who rely on us and our services.

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