EARS Gone but not forgotten

In loving memory of the many Elderly Animal Rehoming Scheme pets who have now crossed the rainbow bridge...


Lassie Dodkins

Beauty Gledhill

Eric Senior

Shimmer Haley

Carrie Robinson

Tina Whitwam

Max McKenzie

Dominoe Richardson

Hamish Gilmore

Freddie Chapman

Daisy Styles

Miley York

Smudge Dean

Penelope Green

Bruce Collins

Dusk Lindsay

Fluffy Beach

Dylan Fairclough

Milo Dobson

Ruby Ramsden

Suki McCleod

Bob Whithey

Troy Copeland

Keisha Hawksworth

Lady Archer

Duke Ledger

Bison Watson

Lottie Edmondson

Suki Evans

Lance Brown

Kiwi York

Felix Wilkinson

Charlie McKenzie

Gortrek Smith

Chica Speakman

Flossy Oxle


Domino Roebuck

Marley Cathro

Nutmeg Bham

Molly Hanson

Katie Wood

Tinker Jenkins

Chloe Langford

Fleur York

Albert Sugden

Jim Broadbent

Connie Harris

Merlin Green

Thomas Green

Benny Beaumont

Lolly Morris

Bella Battersby

Susie Hirst

Lady Lister

Charlie Laird

Kitty Sugden

Doug Blackburn

Lulu Foster

Mona Coulton

Oakley Coulton

Roma Coulton

Lord Thunder Corzier

Samuel Elvis

Buttercup Fleming

Shelly Glacken

Biscuit Jennings

Jessie Oswin

Tilly Porter

Sky Roberts

Todd Robinson

Thomas Sage

Chip Sayner

Titch Senior

Ginger Charlie Sherrington

Chopstick Simpson

Judy Styn

Sybil Simpson

Chica Speakman

Zac Walker

Louis Whitlock

Jack Wood

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