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Dronspot Large cat

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Dronspot large cat is a spot on wormer to treat round worms and tape worms. it is suitable for cats weighing 5-8kg


Dronspot Large cat

Product Details

Dronspot is the first spot on wormer to be sold outside the vets that covers every type of intestinal wormer commonly found in UK cats.

Your cat might have worms without you or them even knowing about it.

Roundworm and tapeworm are the two main types of intestinal worm affecting UK cat, the symptoms of which aren’t always easy to spot. Intestinal worms can easily be picked up by your cat e.g. from eating microscopic worm eggs from the environment, from hunting or from swallowing infected fleas when grooming. Kittens can even pick roundworms up from their mum when they suckle her milk.

Dronspot spot on wormer for cats works fast to fight intestinal worms in a single application. Its spot on formulation makes worming your cat easy. A single, simple spot-on is all it takes. No more stress for cats and owners. And above all, no more worms.

Dronspot is available in three sizes, based on your cat’s weight.