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Vectra felis cat/kitten pack 3

Vectra felis for cats pack of 3 pipettes is suitable for cats and kittens from 7 weeks old and over 0.60kg.


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Vectra felis cat/kitten pack 3

Product Details

Vectra Felis is a fast and effective spot-on to treat and prevent flea infestations on cats.
One application of Vectra Felis spot-on for cats treats and prevents flea infestations, preventing fleas for one month as well as preventing the multiplication of fleas for 3 months by inhibiting egg hatching and the emergence of adults from eggs laid by adult fleas.

Key benefits:
– Unique applicator tip allowing easy application
– Fast speed of kill
– Stops flea reproduction lasting for 3 months – preventing infestation
– 1 pipette size for all cats over 0.6kg
*Remember that no product is 100% effective.

3 pipettes per pack
Do not use in cats or kittens weighing less than 0.6kg.
Read the datasheet carefully before use.

Active ingredients: