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Douxo S3 seb foam

Phytosphingosine is a natural constituent of ceramides found in the hydrolipidic skin film. It helps maintain skin homeostasis and skin barrier functions.


Douxo S3 seb foam

Product Details

External use only.

Apply to a dry and brushed coat. Apply one or two sprays onto the hand and then apply the foam to the animal covering the whole body. Massage into the coat so that the product reaches the skin. Do not rinse. Allow to air dry. Once dry the animal can be brushed again to bring a shine to the coat.


Number of Recommended Sprays:


Follow your vets instructions. This products may be used 1 application every 3 days. In some cases it may be recommended to use this product alongside Douxo Pyo Foam.

Cats and dogs less than 5kg: 1 spray per kg

Dogs over 5kg: 1 spray per 2kg